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Management of the Reserve

The Freds Pass Sport & Recreation Management Board Inc. manage and maintain the Reserve through a lease agreement with Litchfield Council.

It is also the governing authority for the Reserve’s Association Members that total twenty-three sporting and community organisations.

The Board consists of seven Board Members. Four of these are representatives from affiliated Association members (User Groups) and the remaining three Board Members are independent and have no formal association or affiliation with the Association.

An additional member is nominated by Litchfield Council as an ‘non-voting Observer’.

Board members serve a two-year term up to a maximum of three consecutive terms.

The Board convene regularly (monthly) and holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in early November.


The Litchfield Council provides operational funding as well as some annual capital works funding.

The Board is eligible to apply for facilities funding from NT Government’s annual round of sport and recreation funding. Grants of any description are constantly sourced to improve the precinct.

Management Board

Board Members

Chair – Anthony Dent
Vice Chair – Paul Jensen
Treasurer – Silke Maynard
Secretary – Sam Sowry
Public Officer – Cameron Burrows
Board Member – Darren Barclay
Litchfield Council Observer – Kate Townsend

Lake run-off

Operational activities

The General Manager advocates for the Board and ensures the Reserve’s operational activities are achieved and maintained with support from administration staff, grounds staff, caretakers, and community support groups.

Planning and strategy management is facilitated through strong collaboration with Litchfield Council, Association member inclusion and continued community involvement.