Freds Pass Reserve

Freds Pass Reserve Sport and Recreation Reserve

Freds Pass Reserve is the regional hub for the community for residents from Palmerston to Darwin River. It holds the main facilities for recreation activities for people in this area. It sit adjacent to the Stuart Highway, 35km south of Darwin.

Freds Pass Reserve is owned by the Litchfield Council and is leased to Freds Pass Sport and Recreation Management Board Inc.

On December 14, 1976, 13ha of Crown land at Freds Pass were annexed for use by the general public as recreation area. Since that time, additional parcels of Crown land have been added; the Reserve currently encompasses 82.75 ha.

The Reserve is home to the numerous clubs and organisations that use the facilities regularly. It is also used by other casual users and the general public. About 4,000 people use Freds Pass Reserve every week. In addition, annual events such as the Freds Pass Rural Show, Freds Pass User Groups’ Home Games, NT Bushfire C’Cil Volunteer Firefighter’s Firies Games, along with many smaller community and sporting events that are staged at the Reserve.

Freds Pass Reserve

Vision, Mission and Values Statements

Vision – To develop and promote Freds Pass Reserve as the social, sporting and recreational centre for the Litchfield rural community.

Mission – To effectively develop, market, manage and maintain Freds Pass Reserve as a social, sporting and recreational precinct for the benefit of the Litchfield municipality and the surrounding rural communities. We will achieve this by:

  • Working collaboratively with Litchfield Council, our User Groups and the Northern Territory Government
  • Having good governance and solid financial management practices
  • Having relevant and timely communication with our user groups and stakeholders
  • Ensuring employees are trained, skilled and have access to further professional development
  • Having decisive decision making process with timely follow through
  • Providing a regular routine maintenance service for the facility and our User Groups
  • Seeking funds in conjunction with our User Groups to invest in the development of the Reserve
  • Developing and maintaining a sponsorship base
  • Having a united vision and speaking